Sexlegetøj til håndbagagen

Sextoys for your hand luggage

It's finally summer and for a lot of us, that means vacation. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, it's nice to bring a little extra pleasure in your hand luggage. But which rules apply when traveling with sextoys, and what should you even bring? Read this guide and maybe meet some new traveling buddies

Whether a sextoy is travel-friendly or not can be defined in many ways.  There are no clear guidelines at the airport about which kinds of sextoys you can bring in your hand luggage, so it's up to the individual security inspector to determine if your sextoy can be deemed a "threat". In this case, "travel-friendly" is determined based on looks and if the products are powered by motor. Here, discreet sextoys can be a good option, so it's not singled out as a threat and you don't have to launch a great explanation. 

However, there might be one official airport rule you should keep in mind, which is the rule of not bringing blunt objects that can be used to hit or cause serious bodily harm. Maybe don't bring your biggest dildo or wand, as someone might view it as a bat. 

It can also be a good idea to not bring your metal toys, as it can be difficult to know what they are on the scanners, but also because they're usually quite heavy. Instead, choose materials like silicone or TPE, as they don't look suspicious on scanners and won't break. 

Also, don't bring lithium batteries in your checked bagage, only your hand luggage. You risk having toys with lithium batteries confiscated if you bring it in your checked bagage.  

Discreet sextoys

Our travel set is a great example of discreet and smaller toys to bring. The set contains the Bullie vibrator, Slow Sex finger lube (of course under 100 ml) and the Pointy buttplug, all carried in the nicest little Stash bag. Because of their compact size, bulletvibrator are great for traveling and throwing in even the smallest of bags. A lot of people think that bulletvibrators are only good for the clitoris, but there is a whole world of pleasure waiting if you just try moving it around the body a little - try the perineum, around the anus or the labias. 

If you want to be really discreet, Stick from Iroha by Tenga is the perfect option. Stick is a bulletvibrator disguised as a little lipstick. The rounded, precise tip is perfect for a focused and powerful stimulation, and it's even waterproof!

Sextoys with a travel-lock

Some sextoys have a travel-lock you can active, to make sure it doesn't suddenly turn on in your bag. That can be a great benefit, especially if you're traveling with less than discreet sextoys, like wands. Wands are as versatile as bulletvibrators, but can cover a larger area and have a more powerful motor. Use it for the classic clitoris stimulation, on the perineum or just the sore shoulders after a long flight.

You can try out the smaller version of Le Wand, called Le Petite Wand. Even though it's smaller than the original, it's still crazy powerfuld, with 10 different intensities and 6 vibrational patterns. It also have a travel-lock, that you activate by holding down the two buttons that control the intensity for three seconds. 

If you're looking for a cheaper option, a smaller wand like Cheeky Wand is great. Cheeky Wand also has a travel-lock, which you activate by pressing three times on the power button. If it vibrates twice, the lock is activated. 

If you have a vibrator with a battery, you can simply take the batteries out before flying and skip the hassle. 

Small but versatile

Travel-friendly can also be based on size, meaning what's most practical for you to pack and bring. It can be a good idea to bring something that's smaller, but with many uses, so you don't have to bring a whole range of sextoys, but just one or two. 

If you're traveling with partner(s), it's smart to bring something everyone can use, regardless of body. Pawny is a great option here. You can use the soft, rounded head on areas like the clitoris, scrotum, perineum or the anus. The options are almost endless, so throw it in the bag and explore how much pleasure it can bring.

If you're a person with a penis, a penis egg like Geo Aqua is a good choice. A penis egg is a sort of masturbation sleeve, which you can use to stroke up and down the shaft. Geo Aqua has a grooved and wavy surface, which feels amazing when you place it over the penis. Experiment with different speeds and how deep you penetrate, and remember the waterbased lube, it makes the experience so much better (and remember to pack it as a liquid in your hand luggage). If you're not familiar with masturbation eggs and aren't quite sure if it's the right choice, you can start out with a cheaper alternative, like the Satisfyer egg. 

Have a great trip!

Looking for sextoys more specifically for the penis? Give our guide to sextoys to the penis a read here! 

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