Sexlegetøjsguide til penis

Guide to sextoys to the penis

Many people tie sextoys to things only made for people with vulvas. But actually, there are a lot of options when it comes to sextoys for the penis. In this guide you'll get a small glimpse into the world of sextoys for the penis, as well as some recommendations for things you can try yourself 

Masturbation sleeves

A masturbation sleeve is a type of sleeve or tube, which you can use for masturbation, like the name suggests. On the inside there's an opening, often lined with little ridges or another lovely pattern, which gives a stimulating sensation. Spinner from Tenga is a very popular sleeve, also with a pattern on the inside. Unlike typical sleeves, Spinner also has a rotating function which brings an extra dimension of pleasure. If you would rather try the classical version, the little masturbation egg from Satisfyer is a great option.  


Even though you might not usually tie vibrators to people with penises, there are actually a lot of great options in this category. First there are the very versatile toys, like Pom. Pom is a great little vibrator that can be used by and on any body. Pom has no hard internal structure, which means you can bend and adapt it to your body. Bend it around the shaft or the tip, or maybe it move it further down to the scrotum or the perineum. You could also try the Pawny vibrator here, as its rounded head is perfect for running over sensitives areas.

There are also vibrators specifically made for the penis, like Manta. Manta has an open design, which can be placed around the shaft and then moved up and down. Use plenty of lube here for the best experience! You can use it on your own or with partners, like during oralsex. 


Some of the most popular kinds of sextoys for people with penises is the penisring. A penisring works by restricting the bloodflow to the penis, which creates harder and more long-lasting erections, as well as more intense orgasms. When choosing a penisring, there's the vibrating and the non-vibrating kind. The non-vibrating kind is typically a very stretchy band, like this classic penisring, which can easily be taken on or off. 

A vibrating penisring, like this flexible one, is great for stimulating both yourself as well as a partner. If you flip the vibrating piece upwards, it can stimulate a partner. If you flip it downwards, it can stimulate your scrotum. 

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