Have you tried experimenting with different temperatures yet, when using your sex toy?

A kink can be described as an unconventional dynamic or activity that increases your sexual pleasure, but the pleasure is not dependent on it. In this way, a kink is different from a fetish, which is a lifelong, integral part of a persons sexuality, and needs to be present in order for the person to experience pleasure.   

Kinks can be something you are already aware of, or it can arise by experimenting with new things. So why not try out some more unconventional ways of achieving pleasure - you just might discover your new favorite way to play. 


All bodies are unique, and will react differently to different kinds of stimuli. Tension, material, vibrations and temperature are just some of the elements you can experiment with, to find out what feels good.
Temperatureplay is a part of senseplay, which we also describe in our guide to the senses, and it involves, as the name reveals, different temperatures. Sex toys can easily be used for temperatureplay, depending on which material it is made of. Glass, steel, stone and crystal are all great examples of materials that can be used for temperatureplay. If you want to try cooling down your toys, try placing them in the fridge for a few minutes, or stick it under cold running water. If you want it hot, try placing it in a bowl with hot (not boiling) water or place it on top of the heater.

When experimenting with temperatureplay, always make sure to test out the sex toy on your forearm, so you know if the toy is too hot or too cold. It's not fun getting burned, just as things are heating up ;)

In addition to that it's also important to talk about the rules before you start, if you wish to try temperatureplay with others. While heat is pleasant for most, cold can be a little too intense for a lot of people, so make sure to keep that in mind or maybe agree on a safeword before you start. 

Do I need a sex toy to join the fun?

The good thing about temperatureplay is that it can be done alone or with a partner, as well as with or without a sex toy. Icecubes are an easy way to activate the senses, and you can easily use them alone or with a partner, for example during oralsex. You can also try a mild lube or a clitoris balm, both with a heating effect. 

If you are curious about the sensation of a cooled or heated sex toy, here are some examples of sex toys made from classic materials for temperatureplay; glass and steel


Sex toys made of glass are not made from the same glass you are used to. It is usually made from borosilicate, which is more durable and resilient against temperature and shock. This means you can easily heat it up or cool it down with the above mentioned methods, without having to fear your glass dildo suddenly exploding from the temperature shock. 

A dildo or a buttplug is a great way to experience that sliding sensation you can't from even the silkiest of silicone, and also without too much weight. Try for example a nubbed glass dildo or a handmade buttplug, both from Gläs      


Sex toys made from steel are perfect for those who love the sliding sensation you also get from glass, but want a little extra weight. This steel wand is a great option. Another positive thing about both glass and steel is that it is compatible with all kinds of lube. 

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