Tips til vibratorer til penis

Tips to vibrators for the penis

We often hear people saying, that there aren't any sextoys for the penis. That vibrators can only be used by people with a vulva, and not anyone with a different anatomy - but that's not true at all!

The vision at Peech is to create a more nuanced view of sextoys, especially (the unnecessary) gender segregation of sextoys, and also disproving the idea that sextoys are only for people with a vulva. That is why we have created this guide, which gives you different examples of sextoys that is perfect for anyone. 


Pom is a powerful little vibrator, that separates itself from typical vibrators by not having a "skeleton" - Pom can be modeled after your body in exactly the way you want. This makes Pom perfect to explore the feeling of vibrations against the penis or the scrotum, for example by slightly bending it around the head of the penis. 


Kip is an easy-to-use precision vibrator, that fits perfectly in your hand. The top with the rounded edges and the cupped tip makes it ideal to move around on the body, exploring where the vibrations feel the best. For example just could run Kip along the shaft or on the scrotum. People with a penis typically also have a prostate, in which case Kip is the perfect toy to stimulate. By moving Kip around the perineum you can easily stimulate the prostate. The perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum. This area has a lot of nerve endings and is very sensitive for most people. 

Endless Joy

Endless Joy is a very versatile sextoy. With its distinct form, Endless Joy is perfect for both couples and solo play. By placing it around the root of the penis with the inclined top of the toy facing forward, you can stimulate both your partner and your scrotum through the two arms with little motors in them. When using it solo you could try moving the arms of the toy around the shaft or the glans, also known as the tip of the penis. In doing so, you can achieve a powerful stimulation. This form of "embrace" can also be achieved with the Endless Fun, another versatile sextoy from Satisfyer. 


The Tickly finger vibrator is easy to use by everyone. By placing your fingers between the flexible wings on the sides, you can easily and intuitively run the vibrator over your body. It can especially be recommended to run the vibrator over the scrotum, more specifically on the raphe, which is the line in the middle of the scrotum which can resemble the seam on a piece of cloth. This line can be particularly sensitive for some, and is therefore extra receptive to some vibrating stimulation. 


Wands was initially created as a massagetool, but it was quickly discovered that the vibrations were good for more than just sore shoulders. Wands can be used by everyone, for the regular massage or the more erotic kind. You could for example try running the wand over the perineum, maybe with a hand or a piece of cloth in between, if the vibrations are too intense.        

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