Take control

Need to be able to keep track of your partner? Or do you have to be put in place yourself? With these beautiful cuffs, you get ample opportunity to take control or surrender to your partner. The cuffs can be assembled in an o-ring on your back and give full access to your partner's body, or be used symbolically to show who is in charge.

Once the cuffs are closed, they don't fall off accidentally. With the extra strap, you can fix your partner to the door, enjoy the sight of the beautiful blue cuffs on your partner's wrist, or take advantage of the opportunity to play freely with your partner - if they deserve it. However, be aware that the cuffs cannot carry full body weight so be sure to keep everyone on their feet at all times.

Always remember to agree the framework and limits of play with your partner(s) before the game begins.

  • Made of vegan leather
  • The strap measures 20 cm
  • The cuffs can be adjusted in size

Unbound babes are the frontrunners in sex-positive and aesthetic sex toys. Here is enjoyment in focus and taboos are not something they know about. You can read more about them here.