Tillykke med årsdag lad os fejre kærligheden!

What can I give for our 1-year anniversary?

Congrats, you've been together for almost a year! But what are you going to give them? We have made a list of great gifts to spoil your partner with

There are many different ways to make your partner happy when giving gifts. The good gift is the one that shows that you listen and understand your partner. Maybe they have expressed needs and wants, or things they want to experience? Here's a list of gift ideas, that'll make your partner happy (in more ways than one).

The gift of self exploration

There are many areas on the body that hold great pleasure when touched. To the partners with vulvas, have they tried stimulating the G-spot yet? A curved dildo made from a hard material like glass or metal is perfect for G-spot massage, as it often takes a more intense stimulation to achieve an orgasm here, compared to the clitoris. Besides being so pretty you can leave it out as decoration, the Amber glass dildo is made from borosilicate glass, which gives a harder feel than silicone. Perfect for self exploration and the G-spot!                 

To the partners with a penis, have they tried stimulating the prostate yet? The prostate is sometimes referred to as people with penises' G-spot, and stimulating the spot can lead to lovely, intense orgasms AND lower the risk of prostate cancer. An elongated buttplug with a pointed tip like Butty is perfect for prostate stimulation, as the tip gives a more precise stimulation. Butty also have little metal balls inside, which gives a little added weight and an exciting stimulation. 

Both Amber and Butty feel better when used with lube, so don't let your partner miss out on an extra gift here!   

The gift that also benefits others

Some gifts benefit not only the recipient. These t-shirts are made by the Red Van, a non-profit organization working to give street-based sexworkers and sellers in Copenhagen are safer place to work. Amongst other things, this is done using the van which the organization is named after, as it functions as a place where sexworkers can work under safer, more hygienic and more dignified circumstances than the street.   

When you buy a shirt, all the money go directly to The Red Van and their work to support and improve sexworkers working conditions. So delight both your partner and street-based sexworkers. You can between two different prints in the color white or pink.  

New ways to enjoy sex

When you've been together a while, you might create a sort of routine when having sex. Maybe you don't have a routine yet, but maybe there's room for a little experimentation anyways? You could try out control play, where one person controls others. These cuffs are a great option to getting started. Talk about your limits in a safe space beforehand, and if some light controlling might be the thing for you. It can be a way to create more intimacy between you, because you're so focused on each other during. 

If you want it a little more romantic, these wax-candles made for wax place are a cute option. Even though pain might seem like the opposite of pleasure, invoking a little pain can be a way to be more mindful of your partners body, reactions and pleasure. Mild pain can enhance the sensitivity, which will then enhance all other sensations afterwards. These candles have a lower melting point than regular candles, so they won't burn as hot. 

You should also give our guide to spanking and impact play a read, or our guide to getting started with bondage. 

Do you want more advice to slowing down and raising the intimacy? Read our guide on slow sex here. 

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