Hvad kan jeg give min kæreste i julegave?

What can I give my partner for christmas?

Christmas is approaching and for many that means shopping for Christmas presents. But what can you give your partner(s)? Read on to see our top picks for a sexy Christmas gift

Choose a gift for them, not you

Before choosing a gift, you might consider: are they a big vibrator fan? Or are they more into kink? Either way, there's something for everyone on our gift list. But remember, it's a gift for them, not you. Don't pick something just because it turns you on. Think about your loved one and what turns them on - you might still be able to use the gift together.

                              A powerful wand vibrator

Le Wand vibrator

Le Wand is one of the most powerful wand vibrators on the market, with a whopping 20 different vibration patterns and 10 intensities. Wand vibrators are great for stimulating all the sensitive areas like the clitoris, the perineum or the tip of the penis. And you can also use it as a massager!

To learn more about choosing the right wand, you can also read our guide here.

A rotating penis sleeve

Tenga Spinner penis sleeve

Tenga Spinner is a penis sleeve with a spiral design on the inside. This makes the sleeve rotate around the penis as you slide it up and down. It gives a really wild sensation that we think every person with a penis should experience.

A lube 

Slide and glide vandbaseret glidecreme fra peech

All the gifts on this list are even better when combined with a lubricant. With a water-based lube, you can be sure it's safe to use with all your sex toys.

An introduction to BDSM

Have you been talking about being a little kinky, but aren't sure where to start? The BDSM for beginners-kit is the perfect gift! In the kit you get a paddle, bondage tape, a heating lube and the Amber dildo. 

If you want some inspiration and advice on how to get started using the products, you can also read our full guide to kink and mild BDSM here.

A clitoris stimulator

Clamy klitoris stimulator fra Peech

If your partner has a clitoris and doesn't yet have a clitoral stimulator, it's time! Clamy is our small clitoral stimulator that, despite its size, sends out powerful air waves. You can also read our guide to clitoral stimulators for more inspiration on choosing the right one.

Cleanser for new (or old) toys

Skummende toycleaner fra system jo

It's important to keep your sex toys clean. Both for the sake of good hygiene, but also because it prolongs the life of your sex toy. This foaming toycleaner is easy to spread around on your sex toys, and is fragrance- and harsh chemical free. It may seem weird to give cleaning products as a Christmas gift, but your sex toys will really appreciate it!


A stronger pelvic floor

Did you know that a stronger pelvic floor can also mean more powerful orgasms? This pelvic floor trainer pillow makes pelvic floor training extremely easy - just sit down and squeeze. The pillow comes in versions for persons with a penis or persons with a vulva, so everyone can join in.

To read more about the benefits of pelvic floor training and tips to get you started, read our guide here.


A giftcard

Peech gavekort

Maybe you're not sure what your partner wants? If you want to make sure you don't buy something they won't use, we have two words for you: Gift cards!!

With a Peech gift card you can spoil your partner so they can spoil themselves.

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