Porno på lyd

Porn on sound

When you masturbate using only one type of porn, you train the brain to respond to one specific type of stimulation and visualization. For some, this can mean that you can only masturbate in one specific way, and this can be very limiting. It is always beneficial to expand your horizons and try masturbation without porn, or with a different kind of porn than you're used to. Therefore, we have gathered a number of alternatives to video porn, which is probably the most widespread porn medium

Is watching porn negative?

Porn can be a tool for self-exploration or just masturbation, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. The problem can arise if you accustom your brain to only react to one particular kind of porn, e.g. video porn, or if you feel like you can't masturbate without porn, which you can also read more about here. To expand your horizons when it comes to your porn consumption, you must engage all your senses and your imagination.

Erotic sound


DIPSEA is a feminist, inclusive platform centered on erotic wellness. Here you'll find hundreds of erotic stories, but also audio guides for touching yourself, erotic breathing, help for relationships and communication with your partner(s), or just soothing sounds you can fall asleep to. DIPSEA is particularly good for those who prefer a more voyeuristic approach to erotic audio, i.e. observing (or listening to) other people having sex, as not many of the stories are self-insert stories (self-insert is when the narrator describes what a character does to "you", instead of a character). 

A subscription costs approximately DKK 100 per month or DKK 430 for an entire year (approximately DKK 35 per month). In addition, they have several smaller sound bites that are free.


Another good platform for ethical, erotic sound is Quinn. On Quinn you'll find both erotic stories read by the users of the platform or the category "overheard sex" (but with consent of course!) - a category based on sounds, instead of talking and narrating. It can be the perfect starting point to just closing your eyes and let your imagination run wild. 

A subscription approximately DKK 35 per month.

Audio Desires

Audiodesires is the platform to explore your desires. The vast majority of stories are written as self-insert stories, where you play the main character. You can hear some of the stories for free, otherwise a subscription costs approximately DKK 30 per month.

Erotic literature


Literotica is a free platform for erotic stories where users can submit their hottest, nastiest tales. You can find pretty much everything regarding erotica in there, both the more romantic and gentle descriptions, to the hardcore dirty stories. Many hours of entertainment awaits!


Sssh is an ethical porn site, i.e. porn produced with respect for the actors, and with an inclusive, realistic portrayal of sex and the body. On the site you'll find videos and pictures, but also a large selection of erotic short stories. The stories all revolve around sexual discovery of pleasure, so maybe it can inspire you to rediscover or awaken some new desires. 

Sssh is a paid site, but you can get a two-day intro for DKK 35.

Use your imagination

Although it may seem difficult masturbating without a visual or similar aid, especially if you're not used to it, you can actually come a long way with just your imagination. Set the mood with some dimmed lighting and a comfortable position, close your eyes and let your mind wander. Maybe you can think of an experience that really turned you on, or something you've seen or heard about that you'd like to try out yourself? It can also be a good opportunity to masturbate in new ways. For example, you can try being dressed or undressed, find a new place (perhaps under the shower?), or if you use your hands, you can try the opposite hand. There are many options, and they are actually not as silly as they sound.

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