Peech på Ønskeskyen

Peech on The Wish Cloud

Have you noticed the new cloud icon feature when browsing our selection? Our "save to wishlist" feature means you can now save products to the Wish Cloud! Read more about this smart feature here

What is the Wish Cloud?

Wish Cloud is a site where you can easily create and share your wish list. Available on desktop, as a Chrome extension or via app, it lets you add wishes from a wide range of brands - and now also Peech!

The Wish Cloud makes it easy to create your wishlist and when you share it with friends and family, they can reserve gifts they want to give so you don't receive multiple of the same gift!

What can I use the Wish Cloud for?

Some people may find it a little difficult to talk to their partner(s) about the sex toys they want. It can be hard to start the conversation if you're not sure what to say.

So sometimes it can be easier to add and share a wish list of the sex toys you want. That way, you can start a conversation about it a little easier and maybe you can get a gift you can use together.

If you don't find it difficult to talk about sex toys with your partner(s), the Wish Cloud can also just be a smart way to avoid getting the same product twice! If you're looking for ideas for your wish list, check out our suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts, which are also great for any other day.

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