Hurtig guide til glidecremer

A quick guide to lube

For many, lube is something designed to relieve vaginal dryness or for use when having anal sex, where natural lubrication is not provided. As well as being a solution to a problem, lube can also act as a means to enhance sexual pleasure

What can I use lube for?

Lubricant can be used for all types of sex: hand sex, oral sex and penetrative sex. We have many different lubricants in our range, and here we have written a short guide to help you get a quick overview and find out which one is right for you.

Lubricants can be water, silicone or oil based. The differences between these can be outlined in terms of absorption into the skin, compatibility with sex toys and condoms and dental dams.


Water-based lubricants are soluble in water, so they are absorbed by the skin and will require continuous application. Oil-based lubricants penetrate the skin more slowly and silicone-based lubricants are not absorbed at all and will therefore last longer. As such, a water-based lube will be easy to wash off unlike lubes based on oil and silicone.

Sex toys

All sex toys can be used with water-based lubricants. Sex toys or clothes made from latex cannot be used with oil-based lubricants, and silicone sex toys must not be used with silicone-based lubricants, as to can degrade and damage the sex toys. However, silicone-based lubricants can be used with glass or metal sex toys.

Dental dams and condoms

Latex condoms and dental dams should not be used with oil-based lubricants, as the oil can dissolve the condom or dental dam. Water- and silicone-based lubricants, on the other hand, can be used with condoms and dental dams.

Without glycerine

Glycerine is used in many water-based lubricants as a lubricating agent. For people with vulvas that have a fragile pH balance and a tendency to fungus, water-based lubricants without glycerine are ideal, such as this one from Easyglide.

With flavour

Lubricants are available with and without fragrance and flavour. Flavoured water-based lubricants contain plant-based glycerine as a lubricating agent, making them safe to consume orally as they are completely digestible. Adding flavoured lube during oral sex can be both fun and quite delicious.

Cooling and warming

Lubricants are also available with a cooling or warming effect. A cooling lubricant can be stimulating and increase sensuality - a warming lubricant can have a relaxing effect while increasing blood flow and sensitivity.

If you want to know more about lubricants, you can read our more comprehensive article right here.