Hvordan kan man have sex uden penetration?

How to have sex without penetration

Penetrative sex is when you are penetrated anally, orally or vaginally by fingers, penis or a sex toy. Penetration sex is not for everyone - it may be because you experience pain or discomfort during penetration, or simply because you don't feel like it. Luckily, you can have other forms of sex that don't involve penetration!

Masturbating with your partner(s)

Masturbating together can be intimidating because masturbation is usually something we do when we're alone. By masturbating together, you can show your partner(s) how you like to be touched - while focusing on achieving pleasure with yourself. If you feel comfortable, you can also try to shift the focus, and excite your partner(s) by masturbating in front of them.

Sex with non-penetrative sex toys

Using non-penetrative sex toys on each other is a great way to have sex without penetration. Using sex toys allows you to explore parts of each other's bodies that might otherwise be overlooked, downplayed, or difficult to stimulate simultaneously with penetrative sex. For example, the nipples, the vulva, the testicles, the anus or the clitoris. To explore the erogenous zones of the body, the Pawny vibrator can be used to advantage. You can read more about exploring erogenous zones here.

Sensory play

Sensory play is also known as sensation play, and covers sexual play in which sensory stimuli are increased or decreased. By reducing stimuli for one or more senses, stimulation of other senses can be experienced with particular intensity. It can be combined with a sensual session where the genitals are not necessarily the focus. A blindfold can be worn to reduce the sense of sight, just as sound-isolating headphones can be worn to reduce the sense of hearing - or these can be combined. This can increase the sense of touch. In addition, sex toys can be used to provide precise or specific stimuli. This could be wax candles that can be dribbled over the body, a pinwheel or a tickler that can be run across the body and give either a tingling or tickling sensation. In our selection we also offer Plum that feels like the underside of a tongue - with it you can get a wet and slippery sensation around the body.

Grinding / dry humping

Dry humping is a form of non-penetrative sex where you rub or grind your genitals against each other's bodies. It can seem nostalgic, as for many it is associated with their first sexual experiences. It's a great way to physically turn on and stimulate yourself and each other without having to deal with penetration.

Challenge yourself and your partner(s)

It can be naughty to challenge yourself and your partner(s) to excite and give each other pleasure without penetration becoming part of the act. It can be a whole new way to explore the sexual act - so get creative and have fun!

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