Kan man miste følsomheden af sexlegetøj

Can vibrators cause a loss of sensitivity? Questions and answers about vibrators

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to masturbation and vibrators. In this guide you can read some of the typical myths about masturbation and vibrators, and maybe get some of your own questions answered

Can you lose sensitivity from using a vibrator too much?

If you already have a vibrator, you may have experienced getting a little numb if you use it on the same area for a long time, or in the same spot over several days. If you don't have a vibrator, you may have experienced how vibrations can numb your hands, like when you hold a drill for a long time.

The vibrations paralyze the nerves in the area they hit, which can cause temporary numbness. Only in very very few cases is the numbness you may experience permanent, and typically the solution to numbness from vibrators is "everything in moderation". Avoid stimulating the same area for a long time, and if, for example, you have used your clitoris stimulator several days in a row, it can be smart to take a short break. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, and while it is therefore very sensitive and receptive to vibrating stimulation, it also becomes numb faster than other areas.

If you are ready to be responsible (😉) with your vibrating sex toy, you can look through our selection of clitoral stimulators, where you can find, among other things, our cute Clamy stimulator, the popular Pro stimulator from Satisfyer or the innovative Osé 2 from Lora DiCarlo.

Will I lose my desire for sex if I use a vibrator alone?

One of the myths about masturbation, especially with vibrators, is that it removes or minimizes the sex drive. Let's make it clear that it's neither unhealthy nor wrong to masturbate, and it is not possible to masturbate "too much" - however, if masturbation and e.g. porn fills so much that it affects one's social life, and one feels addicted, it is of course a good idea to seek help from a doctor or therapist. Feel free to read our article about porn and learn what you can use porn for, as well as what you can do if you can't masturbate without it.

Masturbation can enhance one's physical and psychological well-being, thanks to the hormones and messenger substances released when you experience pleasure. So masturbation is not just healthy - for some it can even increase sex drive. By becoming aware of and feeling your body, you can build self-confidence, find out what turns you on and just get to know yourself better. Many have not learned how to touch and turn themselves on, and here sex toys can give access to a pleasure that has not been possible before.

You should also remember that sex drive is fluid and changes throughout life. It's not something you have limited quantities of or can run out of. In some periods you may find that you really want sex, while in other periods you don't - all perfectly normal (unless you find it bothersome of course, then it's a good idea to see a therapist or another professional)

Satisfying your sex drive with sex toys can also be a good way to find  balance in a committed relationship. In most relationships, the desire for sex is not exactly the same, and often one party has a higher sex drive than the other. By encouraging and perhaps practicing it together, masturbation can be a good addition to your sex life, and not a private, secret thing you do on the sly.

Is it okay to only be able to have an orgasm with a vibrator?

Although an orgasm does not have to be the goal when having sex with yourself or others, it's completely understandable if you would like to have one - as mentioned, it can strengthen both body and mind. But for some it's not possible to have an orgasm only using the hands or during penetrating sex - studies actually show that 2/3 of people with a vulva need more than penetration to have an orgasm. If you take medication such as SSRIs for depression, you can also experience a reduced sensitivity and a lack of response to touch. Sex toys can be particularly helpful here, by providing a stimulation that may not be possible to create with the hands or the like.

By using sex toys, you can experience your body in a way that might not have been possible before - and it is therefore neither unusual nor wrong to have to use sex toys to have an orgasm.

Some believe that you don't get a "natural" orgasm from vibrators, and that it's therefore not okay if you can only climax with sex toys. But you don't ask whether it's "natural" to wear shoes or eat with cutlery - these are just tools that make life easier. The same applies to sex toys and the orgasms you can achieve with them. Masturbation with sex toys is not shameful or unnatural - it is wellness and self-love.



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