Sexlegetøjsguide til par

Guide to sextoys for couples

There are lots of sextoys made for couples, but how do you find the right ones for you? In this guide we'll give you ideas and recommendations for sextoys you can use together. 

When you've been in a relationship for a while, it's pretty common to get into a certain routine when having sex. If you want to try something new, introducing sextoys to your bedroom is a great option. But how do you get started? Maybe you're not quite sure which kind of sextoy you would like to try? Maybe it's a little hard articulating what turns you on, or things you would like to try. With the True or Dare game from Unbound Babes you'll get a little help starting the conversation and trying out new things. The game gives you little challenges or questions to answer, and is great as a part of foreplay.

Sex doesn't look just one specific way

Sex with partners can be many different things and look very different from what you maybe tie to the idea of sex - it doesn't necessarily involve penetration. Maybe you could try slowing down a bit, taking the time to explore and getting real familiar with each others bodies. With a little lube you're off to a great start. There are a lot of preconceptions about lube, who's supposed to use it and why. But remember, all lube does is provide a little glide and remove friction, nothing more, nothing less - and it doesn't mean one of you are doing something wrong if you use it. You can also try lube with flavor or heating lube, which makes you more sensitive to the touch - There's lots of great reasons to try lube!


If you're ready to speed things up a bit, you can also try using a vibrator together. There are lots of vibrators made specifically for couples, but you can also try a versatile vibrator that works both with or without partners.

One option is Pom, a soft and bendable vibrator. Pom has no hard, internal structure, meaning that it shapes itself after your body and be used on any body. Try placing it between you or bend it around the penis or vulva. You could also try placing it against the anus - the options are unlimited.      

If you're looking for more targeted stimulation, a smaller vibrator like Pawny is a great option. With its rounded head, Pawny is great for tracing up and down all your sensitive areas, like the inner thighs, perineum, anus, scrotum or clitoris. Take turns holding the vibrator and guide each other to just the right spot.  

Different temperatures

Another great way to experiment is to bring in elements of sensory play. Different temperatures are a great place to start, which you can experiment with using sextoys that can handle being heated up or cooled down. The Amber dildo is made from borosilicate glass, which is a lot more sturdy than regular glass and has a high temperature resistance. By cooling down Amber by placing it in the fridge or holding it under the cold tap, you create a tingling and intense sensation when put against the body. By heating up Amber you will achieve the opposite effect, as the warm glass relaxes the body and muscles. Try it out, but remember to test the temperature on your lower arm before placing it anywhere else on the body!

You should also give our guides to quickie sex or our guide to the sensory aspect of sex a read.    

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