Derfor skal du vide mere om glidecreme

This is why you need to know more about lube!

For us, lube is one of the most important things you can have on the bedside table (or in the kitchen drawer, depending on where you need it most often). 

Regardless of if you're having sex with yourself or with others, lube can be an important partner in your sex life. Read more about what you can use lube for and what to keep an eye on.

Your new best friend

Lube can be used by people with all kinds of genitals, both solo and together. But unfortunately, there are many who do not like to use it. In my clinic, I often have conversations with people with a vulva who simply do not enjoy sex anymore. And often we talk about lube, among other things. Many people say that their partner sees it as a death sentenxe that they need the help of the lube to make sure it is all wet enough. So let me make this clear once and for all: ALL PEOPLE WITH A PUSSY WILL EXPERIENCE AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIFE THAT THEY JUST DON'T GET WET "ENOUGH". Yeah okay, I know it might not be 100% everyone, but it is pretty darn close...

So there is no shame in getting some help. If you want to have anal sex then the lube is also your friend. This is because there is no lubrication in the same way as there is inside the vagina. A hand job and oral sex also glides a bit better with a blob of lube ...

So how do you do it?

Figure out which lube you like and which suits your needs, and then you apply it to the places that need it. If, for example, you have anal sex, you must apply lube onto what is to penetrate the anus, as well as around the anus, and preferably also a little inside the anus. You can also use lube during a massage, where you use massage oil on the body, and lubricant around the genitals. How much lube you need is both a matter of taste, but also depends on the type of lube.

The different types

Lube is not just lube, so read on and find out what suits you best.

Water-based lube

The best all round lube. Can be used with condoms and toys so you do not have to remember what you can use it with and what does not work.I highly recommend this one. The only disadvantage of water-based lubricant is that you often have to apply it several times and in slightly larger amounts

Silicone-based lube

I have to admit that I have started to recommend silicone-based lube more and more. Especially for people with delicate mucous membranes and tendency to dryness, it is ingenious. The only thing you need to remember is that you cannot use it with silicone toys and condoms as it may dissolve. If you like to have sex in the bath, silicone-based is also optimal.I recommend this one, it is hugely appropriate that it is called überlube!

Oil-based lube

For more glide power than the water-based one, you can consider an oil-based lube. Try if necessary. to buy two different types and feel what you like best. Unfortunately, oil and condoms do not work together as the condom breaks, so if you use a condom, choose the water-based one.I think this one is delicious and soft, and then it is vegan.

For the adventurous

Lubricant is also available with different tastes and properties, so if you want to try something new, or have a little extra, there is plenty of opportunity as well. Among other things, this mildly warming lube can give an extra boost to your experience.

Have a great time!

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