Hvordan tager man hotte maskuline nøgenbilleder?

How do you take hot masculine nudes?

As an addition to our article on how to send nude photos, in this article we guide you on how to take great nude photos that emphasize the masculine. Below we've gathered a number of examples of hot masculine nudes. Remember that sexual images, audio clips and videos can be created both for the purpose of sending to others, but also to cultivate one's sexiest self. Read on as we guide you to photos and videos you can take of yourself and possibly send to your partner(s).

Highlight your back

If you like the way your back looks, your partner(s) probably will too. Place yourself with your back to a mirror and use the front camera on your phone. If you can adjust the lighting in the room, you can adjust it to further highlight the muscles on your back. Take the picture so your back is visible and possibly also the top of your buttocks. If you want, you can also include your face in the picture.

Drop your trousers

Stand in front of a mirror - have your phone in one hand and grab the edge of your trousers or underpants with the other. Pull them down a little so you can see some possible pubic hair. If you have a penis, showing the base of it can also be insanely sexy. It's guaranteed to spark the recipient's imagination.

Unbuckle your belt

A variation on the above is to take a picture - for example with your upper body nude - of you undoing your belt. You can build on this by taking a picture of you running a hand down towards or in your trousers. If you want, take a video that you can cut into shorter chunks or take screenshots of. It can be very tantalising to get hints about what's hiding in your trousers - without giving anything away. Such a video or picture really builds the mood, and can be usefully combined with sexting. You can read more about how to get good at sexting in our guide here.

Cover your sex

To further excite your partner(s), take and send a nude picture with an object covering your genitals. This could be something in your bathroom, like a hand soap, or just your hand. You can also edit the photo afterwards by drawing on top or adding emojis. It can be very naughty to tease your partner(s) in that way, instead of 'revealing' it all at once.

Get creative with videos

Short videos of 2-5 seconds can better emphasise your eagerness and horniness to the recipient. It can be clips where you touch yourself in a naughty way. You could try filming you undoing your belt, running your hand over your chest, down your stomach, up your thigh, grabbing around your neck or sticking fingers in your mouth. Signal either what you would like your partner(s) to do to you or what you would like to do to them. Try it out and find out when you feel sexiest.

Add sound

Just as dirty talking can be hot during sex, it can also be hot during nudes or sexting. The sexual content you create with yourself can be made even hotter by adding sound. You can either record videos with audio, or just record audio clips without video. For example, you can record yourself moaning, saying the recipient's name, telling them how you would like to touch your partner(s), or want them to touch you - or perhaps a sexual fantasy you would like to share or act out with the recipient. For more advice on how to share your sexual fantasies with others, read our guide here. 

If you have a penis

If you have a penis and would like to include it in naughty pictures, there are many ways to do so that are more or less explicit. The more implicit ones include a dickprint, where you take a picture of your dick in erect state hidden in either your pants or underpants. Taking a picture or video of you gripping it with your hand can further emphasise it.

You can also take a picture or video of your shadow or you in a foggy mirror, focusing on your dick, running your hand down your body and touching your penis, possibly stroking your hand up and down the shaft. It's sure to get your partner(s) imagination going.

More explicit ways to send nudes that include your penis, might be to take your partner(s) through the process from flaccid to hard. That way, you can signal that it's the thoughts of your partner(s) - or the pictures or messages you've received from them - that turn you on. If you want to take other pictures of your penis, you can take the picture from the point of view of your partner(s) when they give you oral sex. Sit comfortably and hold the camera between your legs - let your penis be the focus: the angle will show your penis from the back, where the frenulum is visible. You can create more variety by either having your hand behind your head to highlight your arms, running your hand over your chest or grasping your penis.

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