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How to train your pelvic floor

Did you know that it's important to train the pelvic floor? Read more to find out why

What is a pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is a long, flat muscle at the base of the torso, around the lower abdomen. The pelvic floor is often an overlooked muscle, but it's important to exercise. It's exposed to weight and pressure during the day, and it's also the muscle you tense when coughing and sneezing.

The muscle supports the bladder and rectum. If you have a uterus, the pelvic floor is larger as it also supports this. Training the pelvic floor can prevent unwanted urination and amplify - even increase the possibility of - orgasm.

How do I train my pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is one centimeter thick at its widest, so you don't necessarily feel when you're flexing it. When tensing, you should close around the urethra and the opening of the rectum. You can check that you're flexing correctly by placing two fingers between the anus and your genitals, and where you should feel the tension. You can train the pelvic floor standing, sitting and lying down. If the muscle is weak, we recommend training it lying down.

When you start training your pelvic floor, it's recommended to train several times daily, but as the musculature builds up, you can go down to two or three times a week. The training can last between 5-10 minutes.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists from Southwest Jutland Hospital recommend 3 sets of 10 pinches held for 5 seconds are recommended for 3 sets. When you start training, it isn't important to complete the set, just that you work towards it. A strong pelvic floor should be able to do 20 five-second pinches and a one-minute pinch.

How do you use a pelvic floor trainer?

A pelvic floor trainer can be compared to barbells in a gym. You need to start out light and can then add weight. 

Together with Rudolph Care, we have created our own set of pelvic floor trainers called Tender Lifters. The pelvic floor balls in the Tender Lifters set vary in size, material, shape and weight.

An advantage of pelvic floor trainers is that they add a light weight load that can help train the muscles more effectively. At the same time, using a pelvic floor trainer can also feel more motivating as it adds variety to your workout. 

You use pelvic floor trainer sets by first inserting the ball with the lowest weight into the vagina - preferably with a little lube

How do you use pelvic floor balls?

You can also use Yoni eggs to train your pelvic floor. For health reasons, it's important that you choose a Yoni egg in the right material. Since the egg is made of stone or crystal, impurities can occur, and it can crack, so it's important that you check the egg before inserting it. Some eggs have a leash so that you can easily and safely pull it back out. The eggs come in different sizes. On, you can buy a set of three. Size S is 3 x 2.5 cm, M is 4 x 3 cm and L is 5 x 3.5 cm.

Yoni eggs are not a new invention, and they were originally made in jade. Yoni means origin, and it's believed that the egg and crystal have a special force and strength that they pass onto the abdomen and the user. You can choose the material based on the force or feeling you want. Some people also use the eggs as meditation stones.

Can you train your pelvic floor in other ways?

You can also try the Elvie pelvic floor trainer. Elvie is connected to an app you install on your phone. The app has six games that last five minutes. There are four different levels of exercises: training, beginner, experienced and advanced. The game guides you through when to pinch and when to relax the pelvic floor. It records your pinches, both during the games and after training, where you can see your progress. The app is often updated with new games, so your pelvic floor training will never be boring.

How do I choose the size and weight of my pelvic floor trainer?

For beginners, low-weight pelvic floor trainers are recommended. As the muscle grows stronger, you can add weight.

You can choose the size of your pelvic floor trainer based on whether you've given birth and what you want to accomplish with your training.

How do I clean mypelvic floor trainer?

Wash your pelvic floor trainer with water and add toy cleaner if necessary.

If you use your pelvic floor trainer during menstruation, it's a good idea to boil it after use.

Should I train my pelvic floor when I'm pregnant?

When pregnant, the muscle fibers grow, and the pelvic floor is subjected to more pressure and weight.

It's a good idea to stay in tune with your pelvic floor during pregnancy and continue training. Please note that you may not be able to continue training as usual after childbirth.

What is a healthy pelvic floor?

A strong and healthy pelvic floor can tighten and relax when it needs to. It's important to remember that all bodies are different, and you should remember to listen to yourself and your body. Stop if you experience any discomfort, as you may have used a pelvic floor trainer that's too heavy or big.

Training the pelvic floor will give you control over your sex life and abdomen.

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