Binder tape guide for transmaskuline, og hvordan man tager det af

How to remove binder tape

Binding tape is effective for chest binding, but what's the easiest way to remove it without getting pinched and frustrated? Read this guide for tips

How to remove binding tape:

Binding tape is waterproof, so it can't be removed using just water. Binding tape MUST therefore be removed with oil. As the tape sticks really well to the skin, you need to be careful when removing it, otherwise you risk damaging your skin and create cuts and marks. This can be avoided if you take your time and follow the advice below:

  • Start by applying oil to the tape (coconut oil works really well and is cheap). If possible, do this while you are in a hot bath.
  • Massage the oil into the tape, starting from one end.
  • Don't rip the binder tape off quickly like a band-aid! It doesn't help, and hurts a lot. Do it slowly.
  • It can help to remove it in the same direction as you put it on (starting from the inside out).
  • Apply more oil as you go. It helps to apply the oil "under" the tape while you're taking it off.
  • Repeat until all the tape is gone. Wash off the glue as best you can. It can really get stuck. A body scrub or bathing sponge can help.
  • Apply oil or cream to your chest after.

General tips for using binding tape:

  • Make a nipple cover before putting the tape on, as the skin on and around the nipple is usually more sensitive. This can be made out of a band-aid, which can be put over the nipple in a cross.
  • Binding tape is safe to sleep in, but it is recommended to have AT LEAST two rest nights a week without tape. Make sure to check in with your body, as feel if you need more than two nights.
  • Be sure to apply oil on your rest days (e.g. almond or coconut oil), or moisturizer to the skin where you used the tape. Be aware that moisturisers with perfume may irritate your skin even more, as the skin on your chest may well be extra sensitive after use. Remember to take good care of your chest and body when you have a rest day.

Sincerely, Snorre (he/him - they/they)

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