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5 sexy winter activities

Do you struggle to think of sexy activities you and your partner(s) can do when it's cold outside? Here are 5 suggestions for fun activities

Written by somatic therapist Molly Mørch

The cold one

Take advantage of the cold by cooling down your sex accessories. You can put your toys under the cold tap or put them on the balcony. This works best with glass or metal products like this glass dildo. But remember that it should only be for a few minutes, your toys shouldn't get freezing. You can also cool down your lube by simply placing it against a cool window. You can use water-based lube for anything, I recommend this one from Peech.

The lovely

The obvious indoor winter activity is, of course, massage. Remember to put a blanket over your massage partner where you're not massaging so they can keep warm if the room is cold. Step up your massage game with this massage candle that transforms into a nice, warm massage oil. Or put your oil on the radiator well in advance so it's warm. If you find giving a massage a challenge, read this guide to partner massage. Remember that you can also use a vibrator to massage with, which can be really nice all over the body. The Pawny vibrator is great for this.

The warm

Warmth doesn't always have to come from touch, woolly sweaters or candles. Send hot messages to your partner and let your warmth for them show. You can send messages throughout the day, or maybe while you're sitting at opposite ends of the couch. You can even send messages during the Christmas dinner while sitting with the family. Do you know what it takes to make your partner blush in a good way?

The Christmassy one

Let the creativity and Christmas spirit spread as you challenge your partner to this activity. Get out the icing, liquid chocolate, sprinkles, small marshmallows and more and decorate each other as gingerbread figures. Choose an area of the body to decorate to the best of your ability. Help your partner with the clean-up by licking off the decorations as best you can. You might want to put an extra sheet underneath so you don't have to deal with sprinkles in bed afterwards...

The risky one

If you think the above sounds a bit boring, here's an activity for the more daring. Equip yourselves with your favorite remote control toy and head to the ice rink, go bowling or maybe just go shopping. Let your partner keep the remote in their pocket. It could be this panty vibrator or this rimming vibrator. Make agreements at home about what's ok and a signal to stop or pause.

Use the above list as inspiration, or come up with your own sexy winter activities.

And have a lot of fun.


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