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5 date ideas for Valentine's Day

Looking for great date ideas for Valentine's Day? Check out our guide here and get inspired with five fun date ideas for Valentine's Day.

Our 5 date ideas for your Valentine's Day

1. an intimate dinner at home

Dining out can be delicious and intimate, but cooking dinner at home can be even more personal and meaningful. Maybe there's a special dish you've been talking about, a food that's your "thing", a a certain dish or wine you had on your first date? Put together a dinner that means something special to you - it doesn't have to be complicated; the important thing is that it reflects your unique relationship.

Want to surprise your date with a Valentine's gift during the dinner? Then read our: guide to the perfect Valentine's gift

2. A little getaway

There are many different ways to go out for Valentine's Day. A romantic getaway doesn't have to mean a long trip to new countries - you can also explore local areas like charming parks, cozy cafes or local museums. You can also plan a shorter trip to a nearby city or an idyllic destination. The good thing about Denmark is that you're never far from a beach, so you can take a hot drink with you and go for a walk along the water.

3. Make something creative together

It can be nice to have a physical memento of a fun Valentine's Day, whether it's a painting, a drawing, photographs, a thing made from clay or something else you've created together. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece; what matters is the process and your collaboration. If your love language is quality time, then this idea is perfect for you. Read our guide to the five love languages and learn more about your own and your partner's love language.

4. Enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies together

A great date doesn't always have to involve big or complex planning. Sometimes the most ideal date is simply enjoying each other's favorite activities - together.

If you both love to read, a perfect date could be a trip to your favorite bookstore or library. Take time to explore the shelves, share your favorites and maybe buy each other a book as a special gesture.

For example, check out the little book about... or discover our other lifestyle selection

Afterwards, you can relax somewhere with your new books and discuss the stories that catch your eye.

Or are you both sports enthusiasts? Plan an active day together. Join a yoga class, go on a hike or play a sport you both love.

The activity doesn't necessarily have to be a shared hobby. On the contrary, it can be even sweeter to show interest in each other's interests and dedicate time and energy to share the joy of what brings you individual happiness. 

5. Home theater

Create a great cinema experience at home by making your surroundings cozy: whether you have a TV, a projector or use the computer, you can always make the atmosphere a little extra cozy by dimming the lights and remembering the soft blankets or duvets.

Then make a list of your favorite movies or movies you haven't seen yet. Don't forget your favorite snacks and drinks.

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