Findes g-punktet?

Is the g-spot real?

Is the g-spot real?

Most have heard about the g-spot. Maybe you have googled "G spot" late at night, discovering numerous explanations for how to find that specific spot. But is it real? And how do you achieve the fabled g-spot orgasm?

What does the internet say?

If you google g-area or g-spot, you'll find a number of descriptions of a place inside the vagina (the vagina is the term for the part of the genital located inside the body). According to the internet, the g-spot is located inside the vagina at about the length of a finger in. You can, according to the internet, achieve a great orgasm if you just stimulate this spot for the right amount of time. Unfortunately that explanation is lacking a bit information before it's completely right. So why don't we dive into it, and find out what really happens at that special place?

G is for Gräfenberg

In 1950, Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg published an article about that special little spot inside the vagina and its connection to "the female orgasm". So the G in g-spot refers to Gräfenberg. But it wasn't a specific spot Gräfenberg was referring to, but a greater area, a zone. The article was called "The Role of the Urethra in Female Orgasm". Gräfenberg was convinced that the urethra and the lower part of the bladder was a particularly pleasurable area. Was he wrong?

But I get plenty of pleasure from the g-spot!

There is nothing wrong about Gräfenberg assumptions about where pleasure is located, but there is something wrong about his idea of what actually happens "in there". The area he described later turned out to be the backside of the clitoris. After Gräfenbergs era, the clitoris was discovered to be a lot bigger than first anticipated. And for some there really is pleasure, and maybe even orgasms, from stimulating the backside of the clitoris. 

Not for everyone

The problem about the idea of a specific spot inside the vagina, that is supposed to give a specific reaction, is that a lot of people won't be able to recreate that experience. Even though Freud was very convinced that the "real"/mature orgasm was achieved through vaginal (g-spot) stimulation, we know a lot more now in 2022. There is no right or wrong orgasms! If it feels good, you should do it. If you can achieve a great orgasm by stimulating yourself on the outside, do that. If you can achieve a great orgasm by stimulating yourself on the inside, do that. But it is not a goal in itself to have an orgasm in a certain way. And no matter what, it's the same organ being stimulated: the clitoris. About 2/3 of all people with a vagina describe how they aren't able to achieve an orgasm by just receiving internal stimulation. So it's not for everyone. 

Would you like to find the backside of the clitoris?

But maybe you would still like to give that spot a chance. If you would like to find the backside of your clitoris, this is how: Insert a wet finger slowly into the vagina, until it's almost all the way in. Now bend the finger towards the clitoris. Feel around the area and see if there is a part of the spot that is more pleasurable to touch than others. It's in this spot an orgasm is possible through extra stimulation. For some.


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