Treat your G-spot to this unique glass dildo

Mr. Swirly has two things going for it. Firstly, its smart curvature at the top is perfect for G-spot stimulation. Secondly, it has a beuatiful design, which can provide a different stimulation than an ordinary glass dildo with grooves. The clear glass is decorated with blue glass in interesting shapes, which is drawn like a thin rope around the dildo. The mix of straight and oblique lines makes it unique – both to look at and to use.

The glass is handmade borsilicate glass, which is durable in the face of temperature differences. Try putting your glass dildo in heated or cold water before needing an alternative and titillating feel.

Full length: 16.5 cm
Penetrable length: 14.6 cm
Circumference: 6.35 cm

  • Body-safe material
  • Three years guarantee